Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Blessings

Each year, I think that I should come up with a profound list of what I’m thankful for at Thanksgiving. Each year, I don’t do it. This year is different. Why? I’m not sure – but it is. This list is not (and could never be) exhaustive, but here are the tops.

I am thankful for my amazing friends and family.

Of course, for my family who is always here for me, who supports me when I say crazy things like, “I want to go to grad school (again) for something totally unrelated to what I’m currently doing at work,” or, “Hey, I’m going to rappel down the side of a 15-story building to raise money for Special Olympics!”

For those friends who have remained close, and those who have become closer friends over the past year. I’m so lucky that I can share everything in my crazy brain, and you like me anyhow!

For those friends who are physically far away, but who are close in my mind and heart. I know that I don’t reach out enough (not at all), but I’m thinking of you often.

And of course, for my niece and nephew – not only are they super freaking cute, but they are amazing little people who are crazy smart and remind me of all the great things in the world.

I am thankful for coworkers, new and old!

Part way through the year, I left my job to pursue another within the City. Not only have my “former” colleagues continued to keep me included and involved in all department activities, they’ve also done awesome things like celebrate my birthday (along with all the other August birthdays).

When I transferred to my new department, I was learning a brand new job, supervising for the first time, and working with people who I didn’t really know at all, other than to see them in the halls here and there. Luckily, my quirks fit right in with theirs! Even with the growing (shrinking?) pains, and I continue to tell anyone who will listen that I clearly made the right move for me.

This move, among other things, has also pushed me closer to a few “work friends” and has introduced me to some new “work friends.” Dare I say, I even refer to a number of these “work friends” as just “friends?!”

I am thankful to everyone who continues to ask me about my running. It helps to keep me motivated, and helps me to keep up the effort – I certainly don’t want to let down my fan club!

I am thankful for my Facebook friends/followers. It always brightens my day when I run into someone and they tell me that my posts on Facebook crack them up. I love to be able to make people smile (or better yet, laugh) even when I don’t have time to see everyone individually. I’m also thankful for you because you send thoughts, prayers, and positive energy my way when I’m most in need – like when I’m sick, or when my Gus was sick this summer, or when I’m simply having a rough day. Please know that I’m sending my thoughts, prayers, and positive energy your way when you need them too!

I am thankful to have my Annie, because even when she’s getting into trouble, or barking at the wind, or using me for her own benefit, I know that she sees me as superwoman, even when I don’t see myself that way (which is most of the time).

I am thankful that I have a job that I like in an industry that I love. I am truly blessed to continually be allowed the space and freedom to explore my position and responsibilities to make them mine. I need to take a little more time to remember how lucky I am in my current work situation – especially on the days when I’m frustrated beyond belief by the lack of progress I’m seeing.

I’m thankful for the amazing friends I’ve made through Special Olympics. I might not see most of you as often as I once did because of school, work, and life in general, but it is these individuals who truly give me the strength and inspiration to push myself further into what I love.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Days go on...

Well, I am ashamed to report that February didn't go as planned. Ah well. I'm over it.

Things lately have been busy - at work and at home. To add to the busy-ness, I seem to have been getting a lot of songs stuck in my head. It doesn't help me concentrate. At all.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome February!

Tomorrow is the first day of February, and the start of a new challenge for myself. For the month of February, I will not be eating out. That's right - no restaurants, no fast food, no Starbucks... sigh!

My motives are two-fold. First, eating out costs a lot of money. So, in theory, it will means savings for me! Second, I have got to get back on the healthy-eating train! I was doing really well this summer into fall, then I kinda jumped off the wagon.

So, I am not promising to actually cook all month, but I'm going to try and mix a little of that in, too. I have come up with a few ground rules, because every challenge has them.

1. Prepared foods and frozen foods will not count as "eating out."
2. Eating prepared foods at the grocery store (i.e. Wegmans, Whole Foods), will count as eating out.
3. If someone at work brings food in, it will not count as eating out (as long as I didn't order or pay for it).
4. I'm going to allow myself to eat out if it is a birthday celebration for a friend.
5. If my family takes me out to eat, I'm not going to say no. (I expect this after my Polar Plunge on the 26th.)

So, that's it. Wish me luck - I may need it, but hopefully I don't!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

On a Boat, almost

Tomorrow I'll be on a boat! But I'm not bringing any flippy floppies.

I always find packing to be a big problem. Inevitably, I pack too much. This time around, I'm between suitcase sizes! I had too much for my small suitcase, but too little for my large suitcase!

Tonight I'll have to go back through my clothes and see what I don't need.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Cheap(er) Breakfast Sandwiches!

In case you love Starbucks' artisan breakfast sandwiches as much as I do, they'll be marked down to $2 (with the purchase of a beverage) from today until the 10th!

Sadly, I will be away during the majority of this special - which may be good for my waisline...

Monday, January 03, 2011

Richard Simmons, Rock and/or Roll, and Cruisin'

This week is an interesting one for me - it's finally time for The Rock Boat XI! This will be my third time going (read: rocking). Knowing that this is coming up makes for a tough (short) work week!

There are theme nights, which include Pajama Night, Glam Rock Prom Night, and Halloween!! So, I hope it goes without saying that I will be dressing up as Richard Simmons. I did this once in college, and it was a huge hit - so now it's time to reprise my role! Don't worry - costumes will surely follow!

Sunday, January 02, 2011